Chum chum

Chum Chum

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Many fans believe there is a certain sexual "heat" between Fanboy and the sidekick, Chum Chum. It's even shown in Fangboy, where Chum Chum wanted Fanboy to turn him so they could be, "Immortal companions." This may not be true, however.

About Chum ChumEdit

Chum Chum is Fanboy's trusty sidekick, and best friend. He's never seen without Fanboy, and often enjoys eating sweets. He's afraid of Yo, who stalks him constantly, and tries to avoid her. A lot of times, he's especially quiet, and never talks unless needing to. Which is almost always. Chum Chum is 9 1/2 years old, and his birthday (admitted by Eric Robles himself) is June 19th. The sidekick has a hyperactive imagination, and a happy-go-lucky attitude 24/7. He's chock full of childish innocence, and believes nobody can take that away from him. As a possible recurring gag, he has been seen to chase away a bird for pecking at Fanboy's brain and slurping the two's smoothies when he yelled, "Shoo-shoo, dirty bird!" He wears an orange shirt with a logo of his face on it, yellow pants and cape, black mask and gloves, and underwear on the outside(It's unknown if he or Fanboy wear any on the inside). The highest score he's ever gotten on a game of Chimp Chomp was a total of three points, and he's still happy about it. Many fans believe it's impossible for him to get terribly angry, although in some cases he's been shown to grow frusrated easily.

He is voice by Nika Futterman. In the pilot for Random! Cartoons, he was voice by Nancy Cartwright.